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Safety on the mountain

Safety on the mountain

The FIS (International Ski Federation), founded in 1924, which includes the membership of 54 federations, approved the FIS regulations in 2002. An ideal role model for skiers, snowboarders or any other people who are sliding down the snow, with the aim of avoiding accidents.

Norms for the behaviour of alpine skiers and snowboarders:

  1. Identification: All skiers or snowboarders who witness an accident, whether responsible or not, must identify themselves and exchange names and addresses
  2. Provide assistance: In the event of an accident, all skiers or snowboarders must provide assistance.
  3. Respect the markings and signposting: Any skier or snowboarder must respect the markings and signposting.
  4. Going up or down on foot: The skier or snowboarder who goes up or down on foot must do so on the edge of the piste.
  5. Stopping on the piste: All skier or snowboarder must avoid stopping unnecessarily on the pistes in narrow crossings and those with poor visibility. In the event of falling in any of these places, one must move to one side and leave the piste free as soon as possible.
  6. Entering the piste, starting to slide and turning upwards: All skier or snowboarder who enters a piste, resumes movement after stopping or evolves upwards must looks up and down the piste to ensure this can be done without causing any danger to him/herself or others.
  7. Overtaking: One may overtake from above or below, from the right or left, but always leaving sufficient space in order to avoid the voluntary or involuntary evolutions of the skier or snowboarder who is being overtaken.
  8. Choosing a route: The skier or snowboarder who is approaching from behind must choose a route which does not endanger those who are ahead.
  9. Control the speed and the behaviour: The skier or snowboarder must ski in a controlled manner. Adapting his/her speed and manner of skiing or sliding on the snowboard to his/her personal ability and to the general conditions of the terrain, snow and weather, as well as to the density of traffic on the pistes.
  10. Respect others: The skier or snowboarder must behave in a manner which does not put other in danger.

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